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Ready GO

Compact for On-The-Go: READY GOs 4” colour LCD touch panel display is perfect to manage your small business anywhere, anytime and compliments every workspace with its sleek and slim design.

Large Battery Life: Equipped with a 3000mAh battery with a guaranteed performance of 12+ hours under heavy full-load enabling you to prioritise your efforts on providing your customers with quality customer service.

Contactless: READY GO is compatible with Mastercard Paypass, Visa Paywave, Expresspay & D-PAS allowing quick and seamless payment transactions.

- Pocket size, ruggedized and affordable seamless payment anywhere anytime.


Ready MINI

Small in Size: The READY Mini is compact, streamlined and lightweight; perfect for remote and smaller workspaces.

Multifunctional: READY Mini is fully equipped with a wide range of merchant use cases suitable for those looking for a portable, sleek POS terminal.

Reliable & Enduring: Supplied with a large capacity battery, the Mini guarantees it is long lasting and ensures reliable on the go.

  • Ready apps for merchants
  • Multi – Channel Payment
  • Terminal Management System
  • Support e-Sim and dual Sim
  • Open Android OS with the ability to download additional business apps and services
  • Large capacity battery

– An affordable 5.5” compact android based POS terminal.

Ready VEND

Touch, Tap & Swipe: Ease of use for payments anytime anywhere using Swipe, Chip, Contactless, EWallet, Pre-Paid, Barcode & Facial Recognition.

Strong Security: READY Vend guarantees protection for your businesses & customers data using secure cashless transactions for increased sales and line-busting capabilities.

Inclusive & Flexible: Multilingual and various custom colour scheme options –as well as a built-in microphone and speaker – to create an inclusive customer experience to a wide range of individuals 
whether that be locals or tourists.

– A digital, self-service terminal suitable for Vending Machines, Gas Stations, Mass Transit & E-Ticketing.


Ready BOLD

Huge Interactive Display: READY BOLDs multi-touch screen and sleek 15.6” display makes navigating self-service check out for your customers easier than ever.

Touch, Tap & Swipe: Make payment easy for your customers enabling various payment methods such as; contactless, card ready & mobile payment.

Swift Check-Out: Run your business quick and efficiently with READY BOLD. Equipped with a highspeed thermal printer and auto cutter, guaranteeing speedy self-service check out alleviating queues.

–Manage your business with the ease of READY BOLD: a desktop payment cash register.

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