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Money Can
Be Confusing

Let's Make It Simple Digitally!


Digital Bank 

The architecture is based on open banking platform. It is supported by backend multichannel payment gateway to integrate with third-party digital services providing end-to end digital experience. The platform is flexible to integrate, transform or grow into any existing or future requirements. 

  • Digital branchless banking 
  • Integration with any financial switch
  • KYC and AML via biometric recognition  
Digital Payment Platform 

Hyperledger Blockchain

State-of-the-art consortium for distributers, supply chain companies, manufacturers, banks and government organizations to provide a shared trade platform, ideal for high value markets.


  • Privacy, immutability and validation
  • Asset ownership, transfer and tracking
  • Digital contracts and real-time transactions
Blockchain Hyperledger

Digital Mall

Shopping mall platform built on big data architecture powered by machine learning algorithm providing unified shared digital services with precise marketing and sales functions.


  • Merchant data integration
  • Shared cross commerce marketing
  • Integrated with wifi, parking, loyalty apps etc. 
Digital Mall
Mobile Wallet
NextGen Point of Sale

Digital Wallet

Consumer and merchant wallets flexible to integrate with any third-party system providing unlimited digital financial services with customize design and joyful customer experience.


  • Multiple payment options
  • Enable latest CI/CX trends
  • Flexibility to allow web and hybrid apps


NextGen Point of Sale

Developer-friendly and pre-certified Android POS terminal fulfilling wide range of merchant needs to boost sales and support any available and future digital use cases.

  • Multi-channel payments
  • Barcode, QR Code, Biometric, recognition
  • Issue prepaid and various other cards
Digital Catering
Digital Retail

Digital Catering

Catering App with POS provides innovative marketing features integrated with social media to increase sales, offers unique payment experience with multiple online channels


  • All types of restaurant
  • Social media integration
  • Integrated with loyalty app and marketplace  

Digital Retail

Retail App with POS to increase profits by making intelligent business decisions backed up by the cloud-based merchant portal coupled with various ecommerce platforms.


  • Receive online order
  • Social media group selling
  • Integrated with loyalty app and marketplace
Digital Loyalty

Certified and Approved by:

Digital Loyalty

Loyalty App embedded with retail and catering solutions but can be acquired as a separate service to integrate with any third-party wallets, marketplace or ecommerce platform.


  • Issue cards, points and voucher
  • Marketing promotion and benefits
  • Member enrolment and identification on transaction 
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